Experimental Documentary Shorts

Too Many Santas


Too many Santas. All of them are imposters. Only one is the real Santa.

filmed in Cerritos, California and Torrance, California. December 2003 & 2010

A Western Headed East (Documentary)


Take me home. Country roads. Mountain Mama. We're almost heaven.
Two Chinese American families, Chiao and Tsai, drive across the country in 2005.

Music Video

n.b. (music video)

Music : Ashlin Aronin


Director & Editor: Amy Chiao
Cast: Sarah Gomez, Jake Simonds, Denzel Mendoza
Director of Photography: Mark Ruskamp
Camera: Marie Biondolillo, Ross Brackett, Jim Lowry
Costume: Amy Chiao, Laura Wade, Chloe Cooper, Molly Knox, Claire Corneal
Makeup Artists: Jenna VanFleteren, Chloe Cooper
Filmed at Open Signal, Portland Community Media

Video Stills